Star Trek Fan Fiction

The vast universe of Star Trek has captivated my imagination for as long as I can remember. The iconic characters, the thrilling adventures, and the exploration of profound themes have always resonated with me. As a writer, I have found Star Trek to be a rich source of inspiration, providing me with endless opportunities to explore my own storytelling skills and creativity.

One of the ways I have delved deeper into the Star Trek universe is through the creative realm of fan fiction. Writing fan fiction allows me to immerse myself in the familiar setting and characters of Star Trek while adding my own unique spin to the stories. This creative outlet has not only allowed me to expand my imagination but has also served as a valuable tool for honing my writing skills.

By crafting original stories set within the established Star Trek canon, I have been able to practice character development, dialogue writing, world-building, and plotting. I have learned to balance adherence to established canon with the freedom to explore new ideas and concepts. This process has helped me to develop my own voice as a writer and to refine my ability to craft engaging and well-structured narratives.

Beyond the technical aspects of writing, fan fiction has also allowed me to explore the deeper themes and messages that resonate within Star Trek. The franchise's emphasis on exploration, diplomacy, and the interconnectedness of all life has inspired me to write stories that reflect these values. Through my fan fiction, I have sought to create narratives that promote understanding, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge.

In addition to personal growth, writing Star Trek fan fiction has also provided me with a sense of community and belonging. The online fan fiction community is vibrant and supportive, offering a platform for writers to share their work and connect with other passionate fans. This sense of belonging has been invaluable in motivating me to continue writing and in providing feedback and encouragement from fellow writers.

As I continue my journey as a writer, I am grateful for the role that Star Trek fan fiction has played in my development. It has provided me with a creative outlet, a platform to hone my skills, and a sense of community. I am excited to see where my writing journey takes me, and I know that Star Trek will continue to inspire me to create stories that resonate with readers and explore the vast and exciting possibilities of the future.


Warpath has been conceived as a three-part comic following the crew of the Yarrows Class, USS Glasgow. The ship and the crew have been specifically created for this story but find themselves surrounded by Klingons, mercenaries and the familiar space station, K-7, from the original series.  

Parts 1 and 2 have been written, and the final part is currently being developed to conclude the story. 

Unfortunately, I don't know any comic book artists, and since this is a story written for fun and to be shared for free, I have had to come up with an innovative way of creating the artwork. The characters have been created using VRoid Studio and backgrounds rendered using 3D design software. The comic book layout has been achieved using Manga Maker Comipo.   

One Last Dance

Unlike my Star Wars Fan Film which is being adapted into a radio drama, One Last Dance has been written with the full intention of being an Audio Drama. When I created the script for the Warpath, I imagined a ship that was at the end of its service life. Although we know the Enterprise to be an old ship that has gone through several refits, I imagined the Glasgow to have been a ship that was relic from the original Klingon War. As such, the ship's spaceframe was not viable for a refit. So, it has reached the end of its life, with its Captain ready for retirement. 

This story is about its final mission. 

Kzinti Will Rise

During the Khitomer Conference, much of Starfleet's resources were diverted to ensure a lasting peace could be established with the Klingon Empire. But the galaxy is a big place with lots of other things happening. 

I have been fascinated by the Kzinti since their appearance in Larry Niven's episode of The Animated Series. It has been established that a version of the Kzinti exists within the Star Trek Universe, so I wanted to tell a story involving them. 

There has been a revolution on the Kzinti Homeworld, and Starfleet has been invited. A new Captain is given an old ship, a refitted constitution class starship renamed the USS Shran. The Shran and its new crew travel to the Kzinti homeworld, taking a special Caitian Starfleet advisor, who can provide insight into the  felinoid-type species. 

Although the novel is complete, I have never gone through the editing process. It still sits in its first draft form. However, at some point, I would love to share it on a fan fiction site.